My Practice

We all have within us tremendous resources for healing. My special interest lies in helping people gain access to, and better utilize these resources.

I offer a variety of evidence-based therapies including clinical hypnosis. My aim is to create an individualized treatment approach modeled to suit your unique goals. It may be traditional talk therapy focused on gaining insight into the nature of an internal conflict, or it may be behavioral approaches to help you alter specific negative behaviors. I’ve had success helping people achieve their goals across a wide spectrum of problems; from athletes wanting to improve their competitive performance, to people trying to quit smoking, to couples struggling with fertility.

The central theme of my work is to help people get in touch with a deeper part of themselves to gain insight and promote self-healing. An improved sense of self-mastery, and an increased sense of fulfillment and well being, are markers of successful treatment.

For the past fifteen years, I’ve helped people make positive changes in their lives, and find it tremendously satisfying to see them meet their goals by tapping their inner strengths.

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