“As part of my training for a 100 mile running race, I met with Bruce. The visualizations we did and the mental rehearsal of different points in the race helped me to feel confident that I could maintain my ideal pace and handle the many mental and physical challenges of a race this long. Working with Bruce added another level to my preparation, I really felt ready for the challenge, and I ran the race better than I had hoped to!”
- R.O., Distance Runner

“Working with Dr. E has really helped me settle down and stay focused before matches. In addition to feeling more relxed in tournaments, I’m also having a lot more fun.”
- M.U., Competitive Tennis Player

“I have been enjoying ocean sports for as long as I can remember. Whether its cold weather or giant swells every day seems to have its own challenges. Dr. E has helped me overcome physical and mental barriers that inhibit my ability to progress. I must admit I had my doubts about hypnosis, but my work with him has far exceeded my expectations. Every visit has been an amazingly positive experience and I leave feeling healthy and confident! I also love that I learn a little more about myself and my abilities and feel that its really something I can take home with me. Thanks Dr. E!”
- E.T., Professional Kitesurfer

“As my quit day approached I knew I needed as much support as I could get,…a friend
recommended clinical hypnosis and the approach of Bruce Eliashof, ….at first I was scared, but when I met with him, the first time I found a caring man who truly listened without judgement and understood. His suggestions stayed with me and came to my rescue when I felt most tempted. Suggestions as simple as “I used to smoke, I am older and wiser now and do not smoke anymore”. Thank you so much Dr. Eliashof, this is huge in so many ways.”
- I.R., Former Smoker

“When I wanted to take my open water race performance to a new level, I sought the help
of Dr. Bruce Eliashof. After listening to what I was doing at the time, Dr. Eliashof offered a series of clear, specific recommendations for pre-race mental preparation and during-race mental strategy, that were easy for me to incorporate into my training routine. I then mentally rehearsed, both on land and in the water, over and over until it became my new habit. In my next race, which was my biggest most important race to date, I put in my best performance ever, beating all of the goals I had for myself…and I had a lot more fun doing it! Helping me to shift into a mental stance of focus, letting go, and gratefulness for the ability to perform in the moment, translated into huge benefit for me. Several thinking related habits that have negatively impacted my performance in the past are no longer an issue. Working with Dr. Eliashof not only helped me achieve an awesome result, it also allowed me get even more enjoyment out of the whole experience of training and racing.”
- R. Y., Competitive Open Water Swimmer

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